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About Dentures

Replacing missing teeth can renew your appearance and help you eat and speak with greater confidence. At Plymouth Dental Group, skilled general dentist Dr. E. Morgan Scheiber is pleased to offer a variety of custom-made dentures, including partial and full dentures fabricated as fixed or removable appliances. Full dentures can replace your whole lower arch, upper arch, or both, while partial dentures clasp around remaining teeth for support. Dr. Scheiber will help you decide whether fixed or removable partial or full dentures are best for your goals and will work closely with our professional dental lab to create beautiful, functional replacement teeth. If you are in the Plymouth or Kingston, PA area and require tooth replacement, we invite you to talk with our welcoming team to learn more about full and partial denture options.

Are dentures right for you?

Dentures can help you bite, chew, and smile with greater ease and allow you to maintain a fuller facial profile. You could be a good candidate for removable dentures if you have lost most or all of your teeth or have nonrestorable teeth that need to be extracted. Natural teeth that are still healthy may be left in place and utilized as anchors to support a partial denture. In some cases, dentures may be attached to a set of dental implants placed in the jawbone, which can help increased stability for your tooth replacement. The materials used to create modern dentures are often lighter weight and more natural-looking than in years past. At your consultation, Dr. Scheiber will examine your mouth and discuss your options to fit your needs and budget.

The Denture Process

To begin the denture process, our team will take impressions of your upper and lower arches. These molds will be sent to a professional dental lab where your tooth replacement appliances will be made of high-quality materials that resemble the color and appearance of teeth and gums. False teeth on your dentures will be colored to match any remaining teeth for a seamless result. When your dentures are ready, we will have you return for a fitting. Removable full dentures are typically held in place with a small amount of denture adhesive while partial dentures feature metal or plastic clasps that allow them to anchor securely to neighboring teeth. Implant dentures will be attached to dental implants previously placed within the jaw. Dr. Scheiber will adjust your dentures for comfort and provide tips on cleaning and caring for your tooth replacements.

Caring for full and partial dentures

It may take some time before your new dentures feel comfortable and natural but it should become easier to eat and speak normally. If your dentures feel loose, please let us know so that Dr. Scheiber can make any necessary adjustments. Your dentures can be cleaned with a toothbrush and gentle toothpaste at least two times every day. At night, or whenever you take out your dentures, they should be soaked in water to avoid drying them out. Even if you have full removable dentures, it is still important to schedule exams and cleanings at Plymouth Dental Group so Dr. Scheiber can check the fit and wear of your tooth replacement and the health of your jaw and gums. With proper care, your dentures can last for several years.

are dentures covered by insurance? 

Dentures may be partially covered by some dental insurance policies. Before getting started, we will contact your insurance provider to understand your exact coverage and determine any out-of-pocket responsibilities. To assist with making your tooth replacement more affordable, Plymouth Dental Group accepts several forms of payment, including low-interest medical financing.

Smile With Confidence

Restore your ability to smile, speak, and eat with confidence by replacing missing teeth with custom dentures. At Plymouth Dental Group, Dr. Scheiber is pleased to offer removable full and partial dentures and implant-supported dentures to help you overcome tooth loss and can help you determine if this option is right for you. For more information on custom dentures, schedule a visit at our Plymouth, PA dental practice today!

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