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What Are Dental Bridges?

Losing natural teeth brings more than cosmetic concerns to the smiles of Plymouth and Kingston, MA patients. A bridge is a tooth replacement solution commonly used to restore oral health and appearance by filling in gaps left by missing teeth. As a series of dental crowns fused together, each end of the bridge (abutments) attaches to neighboring teeth or dental implants while the middle crown unit (pontic) fills the space of a missing tooth. The overall result is a seamless restoration that blends naturally and evenly with your smile. Our experienced general dentists customize traditional and implant-retained bridges to help restore your health, function, and appearance. If you have one or more missing teeth, please schedule a visit at Plymouth Dental Group to learn about your tooth replacement with a dental bridge.

Are Dental Bridges Right for Me?

Along with making normal eating and speaking difficult, tooth loss can cause surrounding teeth to shift out of place, creating tension and strain on the teeth, jaw joints, and bite. You may be a good candidate for a dental bridge if you need to replace one or more missing teeth within a specific area of the mouth. To qualify for a bridge, the surrounding teeth must be healthy enough to support the restoration. If several consecutive teeth have been lost, our dentists may recommend placing a set of implants in your jaw and attaching a custom bridge to these support posts. We can assess your tooth replacement needs and help you decide the best type of bridge. Plymouth Dental Group offers various types of bridges, including traditional, implant-retained, cantilever, or Maryland bridges made of ceramic, porcelain-fused-to-metal, or all-metal materials.

How Do Dental Bridges Work?

Dental bridges generally take about two visits to complete. At the first visit, our dentists will numb the treatment area and remove a portion of the dental enamel from the designated support teeth. Sedation dentistry can also be provided to help minimize any dental anxiety. In some cases, dental implants may be placed in the jaw to support the bridge. An impression of the prepared teeth (or implants) will be taken and sent to a dental lab for custom fabrication. In the meantime, a temporary bridge will be placed to maintain the space. When the final bridge is ready (about 1 – 2 weeks later), we will have you return to remove the temporary and attach your new bridge to the anchor teeth or dental implants. Our team will adjust the bridge as needed for comfort.

What Can I Expect After Dental Bridges?

After your bridge is in place, you should notice an improvement in both function and appearance. Our caring team will teach you how to care for your restoration, including how to brush and floss underneath your tooth replacement. It is crucial to clean your bridge daily, as cavities can develop on the teeth supporting your dental bridge. Bridges can last for several years when they receive proper care. Our dentists will routinely assess the health and integrity of your bridge during your dental cleaning and exam visits at Plymouth Dental Group. If your bridge ever comes off or feels loose, it is best to avoid attempting to replace it yourself. Please contact our team right away to see if it can be bonded back in place.

Are Dental Bridges Covered by Insurance?

Restorations like dental bridges may be covered in part by dental insurance. One of our team members will talk to your dental insurance company to review your plan before estimating and personal costs. Plymouth Dental Group offers several methods of payment, including medical financing, to help you get the care needed to regain a healthy, beautiful smile.

Bring Confidence and Function to Your Smile

Replacing missing or severely damaged teeth is important to your oral health, nutrition, appearance, and self-confidence, among other aspects of life. Make a consultation at Plymouth Dental Group to learn more about dental bridges and explore the options best fit for your unique needs. Our dentists are pleased to offer high-quality dental bridges that can improve the appearance and health of your smile. Contact our front office in Plymouth, MA to book your consultation.

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