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What Is 3D Dental Imaging?

Though digital dental x-rays are able to capture detailed two-dimensional images of the mouth and teeth, 3D oral imaging can provide a more comprehensive 360-degree view of oral structures. This type of dental imaging enables our dentists at Plymouth Dental Group to observe the full extent of potential oral health complications or damage in the mouth, teeth, jaws, nerves, and skull. Oral 3D imaging is a highly advanced, modern dental technology that provides us with a blueprint of a patient's total oral health. Not only can 3D oral imaging help our team assess any potential dental problems, but it also helps us precisely plan the strategies to best optimize treatment outcomes. This imaging technique permits us to help Plymouth and Kingston, MA patients make better-informed decisions about attaining a beautiful smile.

Ideal Candidates for 3D Imaging

Diagnostic 3D dental imaging can be used to identify a large variety of dental conditions for patients of all ages through early detection of disease, which minimizes the risk of complications during complex procedures. It is equipped to monitor developments and changes in dental and facial growth in children and can also be used during orthodontic treatments to determine that teeth are indeed aligning and shifting properly. For adults, digital 3D dental imaging may be used to evaluate and prepare for root canal therapy, crown and bridge procedures, dental implant placement, tooth extractions, and a number of other services.

What to Expect During Your Visit

Much like dental x-rays, oral 3D imaging is typically a part of a comprehensive dental examination. 3D oral imaging is comfortable and similar to having x-rays taken; however, with these diagnostic services, the imaging machine will rotate 360-degrees around your head. The entire process is fast and efficient, only taking approximately 20 – 40 seconds to generate a full-mouth view. Upon completion, the images are quickly transmitted to our computer system, allowing our dentists to review and determine whether you are experiencing any dental problems that may require treatment. Though the 3D imaging procedure produces low-levels of radiation and is safe for most patients, we take care to minimize exposure whenever possible. Women who are pregnant or may be pregnant should inform our team before any imaging procedure.

Following the Imaging Process

Once your images are complete, they will be stored in your digital chart. Our dentists will review your 3D images with you, taking care to point out oral landmarks as well as any areas that may require care. Advanced dental imaging reveals extremely important details about your oral health, such as bone density, the amount of bone supporting your teeth, and the exact location of nerves and other oral structures. These diagnostic abilities can significantly enhance the treatment planning process by allowing us to monitor oral health and address your dental needs with greater accuracy and personalization.

Insurance Coverage for Diagnostics

Insurance coverage for 3D diagnostic oral imaging may vary by plan and provider. Before getting starting, our treatment coordinator will get in touch with your insurance provider and let you know about any estimated out-of-pocket fees. Plymouth Dental Group offers an array of flexible financing options to help make your care affordable and convenient.

Advanced Care for Your Family

Advanced 3D dental imaging elevates our ability to diagnose oral disease in the earliest stages and deliver the highest standard of care in dentistry today. Our dentists and team are proud to bring the latest in advanced dental technology to patients in the Plymouth and Kingston, MA areas. For more information on digital imaging or to reserve your consultation, please reach out to our friendly practice today.

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