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whiten your teeth at home

There are numerous over-the-counter options for whitening the teeth at home; however, they often fail to deliver the same results as professional teeth whitening systems. Our general dentists offer Opalescence professional home teeth whitening kits to help Plymouth and Kingston, MA patients achieve a brighter, whiter smile. This safe and effective system combines custom-fit teeth whitening trays with a 35% carbamide peroxide solution to lighten the color of tooth enamel and diminish the appearance of stained or yellow teeth and tooth discoloration. If you wish to boost your smile with a professional teeth whitening, get in touch with Plymouth Dental Group to schedule a consultation.

who should get at-home teeth whitening?

Over time, the smile may take on a dull look or have dark and yellow stains from factors like age, medication or illness, tobacco use, and drinking tea, coffee, red wine, and similar beverages. Choosing a dentist-supervised whitening approach can serve as a standalone treatment to enhance your smile or may be performed within a smile makeover plan. Teeth whitening solutions can lighten natural tooth enamel but will not change the color of fillings or other restorations. Our dentists can talk with you about your goals and help you select the ideal cosmetic dentistry approach to achieve your desired smile.

how can I whiten my teeth at home?

Each Opalescence home teeth whitening kit will contain custom bleaching trays and six tubes of 35% carbamide peroxide gel. Before making your custom teeth whitening kit, our dentists will evaluate your oral health and talk with you about realistic goals for your smile. Our team will then take impressions of your lower and upper teeth and make your custom teeth whitening trays from a smooth, clear plastic material. When your kit is ready, our team will have you try-in the trays for comfort and provide you will instructions on when to wear them, how to apply the gel, and the best cleaning method to use following each application. Opalescence 35% prescription-strength gel is generally used for 30 minutes a day over the course of several consecutive days. As the gel remains in contact with your tooth, it absorbs into the enamel to gently lift away years of stain to gradually reveal a whiter, brighter, smile.

What happens after whitening treatment?

Teeth whitening results will vary among patients but will generally depend on the starting shade of enamel and the consistency with which the kit is utilized. Once you reach your desired color, you can stop using your home treatments. To maintain your results, it is essential to keep excellent oral hygiene routine and implement lifestyle changes, such as minimize the consumption of foods and drinks that stain and avoid using tobacco products. We will also polish your teeth during your routine cleanings at Plymouth Dental Group to help keep your smile bright. Additional whitening gel is available at our practice if you choose to touch up your results over time.

what does home teeth whitening cost?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that is typically not covered by dental insurance. We will talk with you about treatment costs before getting started. To help you attain a bright, confident smile, Plymouth Dental Group accepts a number of convenient payment methods, including flexible financing options. Be sure to inquire about any teeth whitening specials!

visibility brighten your smile

Teeth whitening from Plymouth Dental Group can help you get the brilliant, confident smile you have always wanted. Our home whitening solutions combine 35% carbamide peroxide gel with custom-made teeth whitening trays to let you boost, brighten, and enhance your smile with the power of Opalescence. For more on this convenient cosmetic dentistry option, schedule your visit with our friendly team today! 

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