What To Know When Your Mouth Requires Urgent Attention

emergency dental care

Adults and children alike could experience last-minute dental issues that put their overall wellness, teeth and gums, and comfort at risk. In the event that a dental emergency impacts you or a family member, it is vital to discover how to ideally manage the problem and the appropriate place to access the care you require. At Plymouth Dental Group, our team of professionals have given emergency dental treatments to many patients throughout the years and possess the experience necessary for when something unexpected develops.

If you experience a dental emergency, receiving the assistance and one-on-one attention you require is crucial for your current dental and general health. Our trained dentists in Plymouth, MA know how tense an urgent problem, dental discomfort, or oral injury might be. We are thrilled to offer this reliable information on the recommended ways to defend your oral health if and when an accident occurs.

Specific oral problems can pose small troubles, such as surface discoloration or plaque buildup; meanwhile, different circumstances can place your overall health at risk. Some of these issues consist of:

  • Dental trauma
  • Dislodged dental bridge or filling
  • Broken teeth
  • Broken or loose appliances
  • Dental discomfort or a toothache
  • Infected teeth
  • Random bleeding
  • Avulsed or extruded teeth

Oral emergencies might be caused by simple actions (like chewing crunchy foods), bodily impacts while being active, or from accidents. Severe oral health conditions that result from these incidents may interfere with your happiness and health. But visiting an experienced urgent care dental practitioner who works to take care of your dental needs can make all the difference when it comes to your rehabilitation and lasting dental wellness. A few of the serious occurrences that need immediate attention include:

  • Dislodged or loose teeth: Avulsed or loose teeth present an urgent circumstance in which time is important. Just a small window exists (commonly 30 minutes) for our qualified dental professionals to plant the tooth back into the gums and produce an ideal replacement. In the event that this develops, we urge you to contact our Plymouth, MA office as soon as possible so that our experts may direct you with the correct way to care for the tooth before you stop by.
  • Tooth damage because of accidents: If you endure a dental or maxillofacial injury, it is typically recommended that you go to the ER or get with a physician first to make certain your general health is not at risk. When this is resolved, our team at Plymouth Dental Group can address your injury. These might include cracked teeth or bridges and deterioration to the gumline or jawbone.
  • Tooth discomfort: A typical condition that needs emergency treatment among Plymouth, MA patients is tooth discomfort. This oral concern could result from several causes, such as severe cavities, an abscessed tooth, unprotected tooth root surfaces due to gum regression, and an uneven bite, among a range of different concerns. Tooth discomfort can be anywhere from mild to severe and needs to never be ignored.

When an emergency oral problem interferes with the wellness of your smile, we recommend you get immediate assistance. Minor discomfort can result in major complications with your smile if proper attention from a knowledgeable emergency care dental professional is not acquired. To obtain effective care and pain relief in the event that you have an oral emergency, schedule an appointment at Plymouth Dental Group. Our Plymouth, MA staff will guide you through the phone regarding the ways to manage cracked teeth, dislodged fillings, or different dental concerns until you are able to arrive at our practice.

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