Ways To Know When Tooth Discomfort Has Become An Emergency

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There are several circumstances or problems that can cause tooth pain. But you might be interested in knowing which occurrences of tooth pain warrant urgent dental care. Sometimes, if an accident happens, it can require a prompt appointment with your dental care provider to ensure that no further injury happens to your teeth, gum tissue, or jaw. At Plymouth Dental Group in Plymouth, MA, our experienced dental staff performs high-quality dental treatments for urgent situations to safeguard and preserve the overall health and appearance of your teeth and gums. Discover more about how to handle a dental injury and what is classified as a concern that warrants immediate care.

Do I Have A Dental Emergency?

An oral emergency can be classified as an array of situations or problems, including tooth pain, accident, or damage. A few of the most frequent concerns include:

  • An infected tooth
  • An avulsed tooth
  • Bleeding or sore gums
  • A lost or damaged restoration (bridge, crown, denture, or filling)
  • A cracked tooth
  • A damaged filling
  • Intense oral discomfort

When an oral issue is affecting your usual life and is hindering your ability to eat or sleep easily, you probably need to seek prompt oral treatment. In particular circumstances, it may be a question of keeping your tooth or needing to have it pulled; therefore, it is always good to get dental treatment as quickly as possible. At Plymouth Dental Group, our staff aims to provide premium dental care as swiftly as we can at our office in Plymouth, MA.

How Do You Get An Emergency Dental Appointment?

When you have a dental crisis, it's essential that you call Plymouth Dental Group as soon as you can. Typically, our dental team will be able to provide urgent dental care, in addition to same-day visits to our office. However, sometimes a next-day dental appointment may be appropriate. Upon contacting our team, our friendly dental providers can supply you with any appropriate advice for treating your oral problem before your dental visit.

What Happens at an Emergency Dental Appointment?

Before carrying out any sort of procedure, your dental practitioner will physically evaluate your dental problem. Oral x-rays may also need to be performed to check for any issues within the oral bones, tooth roots, or gum tissue. The primary goal of an urgent oral care appointment is to eradicate any oral discomfort and to pinpoint the magnitude of the damage. Dental care will then be performed during the same visit or during a follow-up visit.

Seek Urgent Dental Care As Early As Possible

If you have a dental accident, it is critical to get dental treatment as early as you can to maintain your overall oral health. During your treatment, we can look at and gauge any oral issues, and then perform the best treatment to address any concerns. If you have experienced a dental emergency, we encourage you to contact Plymouth Dental Group in Plymouth, MA as soon as possible so that our caring providers can restore your smile.

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