Learn The Optimal Procedure Choices To Treat A Chipped Tooth

fix damaged tooth

Particular oral issues such as tooth pain, chipped teeth, or an avulsed tooth demand urgent treatment from an experienced dental care provider. While the enamel that covers your teeth is reliably hard, it could still break. Our dentists in Plymouth, MA offer prompt dental treatment when you need it. At Plymouth Dental Group, we work to effectively treat an injured tooth to diminish the pain you’re experiencing.

Some patients may not even notice that one of their teeth has been chipped following an injury. A chipped tooth might or may not have dental pain come along with it. Still, whether pain accompanies the damaged tooth or not, it should be addressed immediately. At Plymouth Dental Group, we offer full oral checkups to determine the harm from your chipped tooth. The moment we determine the extent of the damage, our team will create a customized treatment program to renew your smile rapidly and efficiently.

When you see that you've cracked a tooth, you need to contact an emergency dentist in Plymouth, MA immediately. Typically, you won't need immediate treatment if you aren't in major discomfort. But if you are in extreme pain, emergency care needs to be sought out in order to fix the problem. Leaving a chipped tooth untreated may cause severe pain, an infection, or the need for additional invasive and expensive services, including an endodontic treatment.

Creating an optimal way to address each patient and his or her dental needs is our staff's most important goal. At Plymouth Dental Group, our dental professionals assess your particular oral wellness issues. Based on the size of the break, we can provide crowns, dental bonding, or an endodontic treatment. If a substantial section of the tooth chips off or has severe damage, we may file away a region of the tooth and cover it with a dental cap. This crown is individually curated to fit over the whole tooth, depending on your bite alignment. This makes it a durable solution.

To fix minor cracks and to seal a tooth, dental bonding and contouring might be done. It is a minor treatment that doesn’t require any topical anesthesia. The identical composite resin used for cavity fillings is implemented for the bonding process. Our dental practitioner will start by placing a sticky material, followed by the composite resin. Once we contour the resin to create a pleasing appearance, our team will use a curing light to solidify the substance. Our dentist will then refine the filling for a nice finish.

In the case that the damage is large enough to show the inner chamber of the tooth, a root canal might be necessary. Root canal therapy is carried out at our Plymouth, MA facility by getting rid of the damaged or decayed pulp and thoroughly clearing out the canals of the tooth. The remaining tooth is usually sealed using a crown.

Our entire skilled staff at Plymouth Dental Group is pleased to perform emergency oral care on an as-needed basis. Our patients in Plymouth, MA understand that we are prepared to relieve them of any oral pain. Even if it’s a broken tooth or a more serious injury, we can enhance your smile with a range of restorative dental care treatments that are suitable for your dental condition.

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