Learn About the Leading Factors That Result in Removing a Tooth

tooth extraction

During the childhood years, losing a tooth is a delightful event that carries with it the anticipation of money from the tooth fairy. In adulthood, however, losing a tooth carries a different kind of meaning, and it can be a health issue for many men and women. There are several reasons why adults may lose a tooth or be a candidate for a tooth extraction over the course of their lives. These challenges may include situations such as severe decay and teeth that are impacted in the jaw.

The dental practitioners at Plymouth Dental Group always prefer to help patients save their adult teeth. However, if a tooth or teeth cannot be repaired or saved, removing them could be the optimal solution for your needs. Our dental experts invite you to take a moment to discover the more common conditions that require tooth extractions in Plymouth, MA men and women, the recovery process, and why working with a dental team who prioritizes your care and comfort above all else could make a significant impact in your overall results.

Tooth removal is a routine dental treatment and might be carried out to boost your oral health, comfort, and wellness. Some of the most common reasons for pulling a tooth comprise of:

  • Severe tooth decay and worn tooth structure
  • Crumbling and broken teeth
  • Partial or full tooth impactions
  • Severe bone loss in the jaw
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Infected or abscessed teeth
  • Baby teeth that don't fall out on their own
  • Orthodontic concerns
  • Wisdom teeth conditions
  • Overcrowding of the teeth
  • Oral injuries

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, frequently need to be taken out to improve dental wellness. In a number of instances, these last molars do not have the proper room to completely grow in or may be covered by gum and/or bone. These wisdom teeth often also contribute to crowding of the teeth, interfere with the health of adjacent teeth, or heighten the threat of periodontitis and dental caries.

Tooth extraction visits have drastically improved and have become more streamlined throughout the years, allowing it to be easier and less stressful than ever to have a tooth removed. Your teeth could be taken out by way of a simple tooth removal procedure, which is commonly used for teeth that sit through the gum tissues and are easily taken out. A surgical tooth extraction procedure is implemented for teeth that are impacted or those that must be divided into pieces so they may be removed from the mouth. When performing a tooth extraction procedure at Plymouth Dental Group, our compassionate practitioners will fully desensitize the jaw with a local anesthetic, and may offer more sedation dentistry methods to allow you to feel even more at ease. After your tooth has been taken out of your mouth, sutures could be used to preserve the site and promote the healing process.

In the wake of your dental extraction, it is critical to understand and follow the post-procedure instructions as explained by our Plymouth, MA dental team. These suggestions often include taking antibiotics and/or over-the-counter or prescribed pain analgesics, and consuming a liquid or soft food diet for several days. Our dentists will likely also urge you to avoid smoking, spitting, and using a straw to help preserve the extraction site as you start to heal. When the pulling of a tooth is necessary to uphold your dental health, our dentists can review tooth replacement solutions to maintain your oral health and the cosmetic appearance of your smile.

If losing a tooth is the ideal treatment to boost your oral wellness, our dentists are always ready to provide optimal care for your smile. The talented dentists at Plymouth Dental Group have in-depth training and expertise in providing surgical and simple tooth procedures to extract teeth that have advanced tooth decay, are broken beyond repair, are impacted in the bone or gums, or cannot be restored. If you believe that you or a member of your family could need to have a tooth removed, please set up a tooth removal evaluation at our Plymouth, MA state-of-the-art practice to explore your options. Our dental staff looks forward to being a part of your efforts to help you maintain your vibrant, healthy, and beautiful smile!

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