The Ways Routine Dental Cleanings Can Keep Your Mouth In Great Health

Teeth Cleaning

Keeping up with a good system of brushing and flossing each morning and night is crucial to make sure that your dental health is in excellent shape. But one fact that a majority of people fail to realize is that regular cleanings done by a dental professional are just as necessary for your dental health. Routine dental cleanings, sometimes known as prophylaxis, are a general dentistry service that eliminates plaque and polishes the surface. Getting your enamel scaled and polished on a routine basis will often help to keep plaque, buildup, stain accumulation, and a number of other problems at bay. Eradicating tartar from the mouth can also get your teeth and gumline into their best shape and refresh your breath.

Seeing the dentist twice a year for routine cleanings is an integral aspect of anyone's oral care regimen. Our friendly team of dentists and hygienists utilizes modern techniques to conduct general dental care procedures and enhance the health and happiness of Plymouth, MA residents. When you need a routine teeth cleaning or have different oral health problems, Plymouth Dental Group hopes to be your go-to provider of oral treatment. We encourage you to read this article so you can learn what things you need to know about biannual teeth cleanings and how this important dental care treatment could support your smile, now and far into the future.

Your professional teeth cleaning at Plymouth Dental Group will be modified based on your specific oral needs. Other general oral care treatments might also be offered at a cleaning appointment to help you receive the greatest benefits following your trips to your dentist. Your other treatments could involve dental sealants and fluoride treatments. Teeth cleanings by our friendly Plymouth, MA team are thorough and designed to allow you to experience your freshest smile.

At the start of your appointment, our team will learn about your medical past
Plymouth, MA adults and children are frequently taken aback to find out that their dental health may have an impact on their overall physical well-being. Prior to your teeth cleaning, your medical history, including the drugs or supplements that you take, will be thoroughly reviewed. Doing this often gives our team a better understanding of your general physical health and the ways it might affect your oral wellness.

Following this, a member of our team will clean your teeth.
The bulk of your dental cleaning visit is devoted to removing plaque and bacteria from your enamel. Food particles and tartar create an environment where dangerous bacteria exist and release acids that may ultimately decay certain oral structures, including the teeth. Our skilled professionals at Plymouth Dental Group will thoroughly eliminate the plaque and tartar from your teeth to elevate your dental health and reduce the risks of some issues, like damage to the enamel and periodontal disease. Outer stains that have developed on the teeth from dark beverages or other products could also be buffed away to produce a whiter and smoother appearance to your teeth.

Fluoride treatments could be administered to children or adults who easily develop tooth decay.
A fluoride application is a preventive service we offer to enhance the teeth and protect against the formation of decay. The service is often performed for kids, but it can also benefit teens and men and women who have signals of early-stage tooth decay, problems with cavities, visible root surfaces, and different problems. For children, teens, or adults who are at a greater risk of developing tooth decay, fluoride could be applied to the enamel toward the end of their dental cleaning checkup.

Routine dental cleanings are often recommended about twice each year, but individuals who have periodontal disease or various other dental problems might need cleanings three or four times a year. Our experienced Plymouth, MA staff will evaluate your concerns and help you decide the prophylaxis schedule that's right to ensure your enamel and gumline are in the ideal shape.

The smile is easily one of an individual's most valuable features. Getting professional dental cleanings is important to ensure that your smile is bright, cosmetically appealing, and in excellent shape. To achieve this, it's critical for you to choose a dentist who is equally as dedicated to the wellness of your oral structures. The team of oral care practitioners at Plymouth Dental Group has a desire for elevating the well-being of our many patients by using a one-on-one approach to oral treatment. We invite you to contact our Plymouth, MA facility at your earliest convenience and set up an appointment for a professional teeth cleaning.

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