Getting A Wisdom Tooth Extraction Could Be The Best Way To Stop Oral Pain

wisdom tooth extraction

Frequently provided for individuals in Plymouth, MA, wisdom tooth (otherwise known as third molar) extraction surgery may be done for a variety of reasons. Wisdom teeth tend to erupt from the gumline during the young adult years, and for certain patients, require extraction if they are causing pain or discomfort. Once we have completed a detailed oral assessment at Plymouth Dental Group, our professional team will decide if you need your wisdom teeth extracted.

Various reasons could contribute to the requirement for third molar extraction. Some of these factors may be impacted teeth, a cavity, periodontal disease, or third molars emerging at the wrong angle. In many instances, a wisdom tooth without the room to grow in will result in an impaction. This can cause aching, infection, and various other dental wellness issues, while raising your chance of developing an abscess. In extreme cases, a growth could develop around unerupted wisdom teeth, resulting in trauma to the jaw or nerve tissue.

When third molars erupt at an improper angle, this may cause them to press on neighboring teeth and force them out of their usual positions. This can potentially damage the neighboring teeth and jawbone, causing bite issues. Another reason for wisdom tooth extraction is that the mouth may have no additional room for these molars. Whether it will stop forthcoming dental wellness issues, call for prompt wisdom tooth extraction, or if you just want to alleviate the pain you’re currently experiencing, wisdom tooth removal is a common procedure that our qualified staff constantly offers for local individuals.

Our professional team at Plymouth Dental Group can conduct wisdom tooth extraction treatment conveniently at our practice. Depending on your dental health, you could just receive local anesthesia for your procedure; meanwhile, those who may have two or more wisdom teeth taken out at the same time may require general anesthesia. Once you're numb, the gums by the removal location are separated. In the case that any bone tissue is blocking access to the tooth roots, it's taken away. If the wisdom tooth is seriously impacted, it could be sectioned off into parts so it’s less troublesome to remove. The region is then carefully cleaned of any lingering disease. When the surgery is complete, the area is sealed. Gauze is placed to cover the extraction area to help limit bleeding and start the recovery process.

In most cases, individuals will have some bleeding at the extraction area. This can be avoided by carefully putting pressure on gauze patches. Recovery after wisdom tooth surgery might last roughly, depending on your situation, a couple of days to multiple weeks. Swelling can also be lessened by placing a cold compress to the cheek. Following the first day, you can start to utilize warming relief alternatives to increase your comfort.

Within the first 24 hours after your surgery, it’s essential to not remove the blood clots that develop. Clots occur at the regions that the teeth were extracted and are an integral component of the healing process since they stop unnecessary bleeding, shield the area from disease and any vulnerable bone tissue, and new tissue is able to form safely. Try to avoid mouthwash, brushing by the removal area, sipping warm beverages, consuming meals that necessitate any chewing, using straws, and tobacco products for at least one day.

Visit us to discover more about your treatment alternatives if tooth pain is hindering your dental health. Our dentists at Plymouth Dental Group are here to help figure out if you need your wisdom teeth removed. Our staff uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to discover the source of your dental discomfort and provide you with much-needed relief. Maintain the appearance of your teeth and integrity of your oral wellness today when you set up a consultation at our Plymouth, MA office.

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